Queen Creek Chamber Of Commerce

Building Consistency through Visual Branding

Scope of Work: Brand Identity. Logo Design. Graphic Standards Guide.

The Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce serves the business community in the Queen Creek area of Arizona. It provides resources to its members, as well as programs and events that connect local businesses with the community and keep them informed.

Initially, the Chamber approached us for a new business card design and wanted to modify its logo. However, we noticed they needed more than just a new design; they used their logo differently almost everywhere it was displayed, and there needed to be more consistency in color and font choices.

We suggested bringing consistency to their brand marketing and communications. We established a framework for consistency by updating their logo, designing new event signage, and creating graphics standards and logo use guides.

The new visual language aligns with the Chamber’s vision and goals, sets its brand and programs apart from other local chambers, and provides a framework for future design and visual branding. Our work resulted in visual and design consistency that brings cohesion across communications, events, and programs. The consistent use of the visual identity provides a more professional experience that the community has noticed.

Brenits Creative QC Chamber window signage

Primary Logo

Alternate Logo

20th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

Brenits Creative Queen Creek Chamber 20th Logo

App & Social Icons, Mono Marks

Brenits Creative QC Chamber App Social Mono marks

Events & Programs Logos

Brenits Creative QC Chamber Program Logos

Graphic Standards Guide – Program Logos

Graphic Standards Guide – Main Logo

Brenits Creative Queen Creek Chamber Of Commerce Brand Identity

Event Pop-Up Banner

Business Cards

Brentis Creative QC Chamber Business Cards

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