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Merging for a Greater Cause: The Challenge of Creating a New Brand Name

Scope of Work: Name Development. Domain Name Research. Trademark Research.

The Challenge: Create a brand name that captures the spirit of two non-profits merging into one.

M.A.R.C Community Resources and Partners In Recovery (PIR) were two organizations that shared similar visions and missions. They also shared fundraising and resource challenges, as many non-profits do. The leadership saw an opportunity for more than a strategic partnership and considered merging into a new organization.

However, the challenge was that employees loyal to their respective non-profits often viewed the other as competition. The idea of merging was eyed with skepticism and contention. The goal was to unify the organization and have everyone feel that they were a part of the new vision.

A steering committee was formed with leaders from both non-profits to develop a unified mission for the new organization’s future. But, coming up with a brand name that captured the spirit of both non-profits was challenging. Names developed internally during the merge process either didn’t fit the new brand or failed to meet a leadership consensus.

COPA Health Brand Image

The “Ah-ha” moment: COPA Health

We needed to develop a name that honored both the legacies of the original organizations and was unique and distinctive while looking toward the future.

COPA Health fit the bill perfectly.

While some committee members wanted a hybrid or acronym of the original names, others wanted one that would pave the way for the new organization’s future. COPA Health recognized the shared link to the origins of both original organizations, which served Maricopa County, Arizona, communities while clearly indicating what the future offered their beneficiaries. The name is unique, easily memorable, and has gained acceptance and popularity among the community and employees.

The opportunity to create a new brand name honoring the legacy of the original organizations and looking toward the future is rare. COPA Health resulted from a successful merging of two organizations with long and rich histories. The key was to create a brand name that was short, simple, and memorable. By doing so, the new organization was not bound by its past or location. It could focus on its future, providing better healthcare services to its beneficiaries.

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