Cyclone Shipping

Reinventing a brand and re-energizing its founder

Global freight-forwarding service is better-positioned for the future, with customer-focused messaging and the marketing momentum to carry it well into its second decade.

Cyclone Shipping, a Gilbert, Arizona-based global transportation, and logistics company was at a crossroads when we first met the company and its owner Eric Bailey.

After years of getting by with a dated logo, a one-page (content-less) website and little to no marketing, the company needed new branding and messaging to better-position itself in a competitive, global market.

After we completed the foundational and strategic work, Brenits Creative developed a new logo and website for Cyclone Shipping. We then created sales collateral and promotional material to use in the field with prospects and customers and continue to partner with Cyclone Shipping today.

Services Performed

Brand positioning
Audience and employee personas
Marketing strategy development
Messaging strategy
Competitor analysis
Tagline development
Logo and visual identity design
Brand guidelines
Website redesign and relaunch
Email marketing
Creative strategy consulting and coaching
Print collateral

Client Industry

B2B | Freight Forwarding & Logistics


New Brand, New Marketing, New Energy

Seven years after its founding, Eric Bailey was trying to decide what to do next with his company Cyclone Shipping. He was, admittedly, ready for something new and wondered if he should sell the company, shut it down, or invest his time, energy and resources to take his business into the future. 

Luckily for us, he decided to take Cyclone Shipping into the future and continue to build the company into something he could pass on to the next generation of his family.

A Merchant Marine’s Background, a Global Customer Base

Cyclone’s core business is heavy-load hauling of high-density cargo, including dried fruits and nuts. It’s a unique transportation niche that requires specialized equipment and deep knowledge of international ports and shipping lanes, as well as how to land-haul dry goods.

The owners background as a merchant marine helped him provide his customers with a trusted partner who could navigate international shipping regulations, get products through customs and deal with unexpected issues — and there can be many in this industry.

Since its inception, Cyclone Shipping’s focus was light on marketing, and it got by and had genuine success with only a singular online presence — a one-page website, light on content — and no sales collateral.

The company was built over nearly a decade of hard work and one-to-one outreach to prospects, growing the business through word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers who appreciated that the owner himself was available almost 24/7.

Almost 80% of Cyclone Shipping’s business came from one company in what is known to be a tight, niche market with only a handful of competitors. The owner knew he had to do things differently to capture more business in his market.

Getting to Know Cyclone Shipping

We met with Cyclone Shipping over a series of creative strategy meetings and discovered that, despite the founders uncertainty about the company’s future, he was still committed to the business. This gave Brenits Creative a fantastic opportunity to work with Cyclone Shipping to re-position and re-imagine the brand of this international shipping firm, and literally reintroduce it to people around the world.

We began the process by developing new brand positioning and messaging strategy, then focused on a new visual identity and company tagline.

As we came to know the lengths Cyclone Shipping goes to move its customers’ cargo from point A to point B safely, smoothly and on time, we collectively agreed on a new company tagline inspired by a line from a maritime poem, “The art of the sailor is to leave nothing to chance.” :

“The Art of Leaving Nothing to Chance.”

We paired the tagline with a new-concept logo that modernized the company’s image and added more movement and finesse.

Modern, Customer-Focused Website

Next, we developed a mobile-friendly website that took Cyclone Shipping’s single page-format to a rich, new experience that helped potential customers to better understand the company’s full capabilities and unique expertise.

We added several new audience-focused pages, including “about you,” to speak directly to Cyclone’s customers. It’s a busy audience that doesn’t want confusing messaging. They’re more focused on making sure their freight gets to where it needs to go — on time and on budget.

Brenits Creative also developed compelling content that showcased Cyclone’s expertise in the areas of export forwarding, customs clearance and heavy-haul trucking, which showed the full breadth of the company’s services.

The newly crafted website language was compelling and tightly focused, ensuring that Cyclone’s potential customers would see what made Cyclone the shipper of choice for high-density cargo.

Powerful, Print Collateral

With the new identity and messaging solidified, we moved to creating print collateral for Cyclone Shipping, including sales sheets and a special, branded calendar that Eric had long dreamed of giving to customers and prospects.

“My experience with Brenits Creative has been fantastic
 I wish I would have contacted them back when I first started my company.” 

– Eric Bailey, Owner of Cyclone Shipping


The Key Takeaway

Cyclone debuted their new website, logo, and collateral to customers and is pleased with the responses they are getting. Within one month of relaunching the brand, Cyclone was able to successfully win over several new prospects, as well as impress long-time connections. Cyclones Founder, Eric Bailey, told us that one of his customers even commented, “You look like a real business now, with that new collateral!”

Playing a role in helping a business owner chart the course for the company’s future has been rewarding in many ways. We were able to help Cyclone Shipping clarify and communicate what makes it a globally respected freight transportation and logistics company. We learned about an interesting niche that we didn’t realize existed, and we were able to play a part in helping a business be re-imagined and re-positioned to live well into the future.

We’re currently working with Cyclone Shipping on long-term marketing efforts, including strategic outreach to support what can be a cyclical business.

“As Brenits Creative began developing the new branding elements and content, we were blown away. They understood our business, industry lingo and were able to nail messaging that spoke to our target audience.” 

– Eric Bailey, Owner of Cyclone Shipping