Start With A BrandStormSM

A Brand and Marketing Strategy and Roadmap To Grow Your Brand and Business

With methods proven through 20+ years of brand and marketing development experience, Brenits Creative’s BrandStorm process can show you exactly what you need to do to see massive brand growth.

Time To Complete: 2 weeks

From start to finish, with a strategic roadmap in your hands.

Investment: $4,950

100% credit towards a BrandWorks project.

Your Time: 2 - 2 1/2 Hrs

We’ll meet twice, for at most 2.5 hours total.

Your marketing isn’t working.
Your brand is stale.
You look and sound like your competitors.

We have the solution: Schedule a BrandStorm with Us.

How it works:

1. Before we meet, you will send me materials to review and answer a few questions (through an online questionnaire) about your brand and marketing activities, which we will discuss during our session.

2. We conduct your 2-hour BrandStorm session with you over Zoom to get into the nitty-gritty details about your business, including your goals, short and long-term vision for the future, and current brand and marketing activities. We’ll also brainstorm ideas to help you start making changes immediately.

3. About ten days later, you’ll receive your BrandStorm Brief, a report containing a strategic roadmap for getting from where you are to where you want to be.

4. We’ll also meet to discuss your briefing and roadmap and answer questions.

Includes the BrandStorm and a written brief that identifies your “it” factor, brand opportunities, and a plan to move forward. Investment: $4,950

* This cost gets applied to any BrandWorks project that you move forward with, or 5-10% off a smaller brand, marketing, or design project.

Not sure if a BrandStorm is right for you?
Schedule a consultation, and we’ll figure it out together.

Here’s the problem:

You’re spending plenty of money and time on marketing, but nothing is moving the needle. At this point, you’re not even sure what to do next to put you and your team on the right track.

The solution: The BrandStorm.

To own your brand, you must first identify your unmistakable “it” factor.

You’re unique, and Brenits Creative will discover how. We’ll deliver a clear roadmap for implementing a brand and marketing strategy that shows you how to use your “it” factor to attract prospects like a moth to a flame.

The BrandStorm requires minimal investment of time and money, and no long-term commitments or contracts are required. You only continue working with Brenits Creative if you want to after seeing the BrandStorm Brief.

We’re Going To Get Into Your Head

The BrandStorm is a mind-clearing, eye-opening experience. The time you spend in the BrandStorm session will have you thinking about your brand – and business – in new ways. Then we take it all in and push it through our objective lens. We’ll identify how to position your unique value proposition – your “it” factor – to attract prospects to you like a moth to a flame.

A Roadmap For Moving Forward

The BrandStorm session results in a document, the BrandStorm Brief, that shows you three things:

  1. Where Your Organization’s Brand and Marketing Currently Stands: Based on Brenits Creatives’ assessment of your organization’s current brand, marketing, and implementation.
  2. What Your Organization Needs To Do To Implement Your “it” Factor: You get a briefing report that outlines the specific things your organization needs to do to grow your brand and business.
  3. A Detailed Plan for how Brenits Creative Can Help You Get There: We provide a plan showing how Brenits Creative can help you implement the BrandStorm Brief.

A Low-Risk No-Brainer

The BrandStorm is the best way we deliver value to a business struggling with brand awareness, marketing, sales, and reputation management.

In the best-case scenario, you partner with an agency that brings you the results you’ve always wanted from your marketing efforts. Worst case, you still get a detailed roadmap to an ROI-driven brand and marketing system proven to bring fantastic results that you can implement yourself.

Is a BrandStorm right for you? Schedule a consultation, and we’ll figure it out together. Not ready to talk yet? Do you still have a few questions? Reach out to us by email, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Interested? Here’s what the path to success looks like

Schedule Your BrandStorm

Schedule a call with Brenits Creative to learn more and book your BrandStorm session.

Your BrandStorm session

We conduct your BrandStorm session with you and up to three team members to get into the nitty-gritty details about your current brand and marketing.

We get to work

We work to complete your brandstorm briefing and roadmap.

Brandstorm brief

About ten days later, you receive your BrandStorm briefing and roadmap. We'll also meet to discuss your briefing and roadmap and answer questions.

You choose the next steps

At this point, you get to choose the next step. You can move forward with brenits creative or do it yourself.

Includes the BrandStorm and a written brief that identifies your “it” factor, brand opportunities, and a plan to move forward. Investment: $4,950

*(This cost gets applied to any BrandWorks project moving forward).

Not sure if a BrandStorm is right for you? Try starting with an IdeaStorm or Pick-My-Brain session.

Or schedule a consultation, and we’ll figure it out together.

Strong branding has so many positive outcomes, including happy clients.

“I would recommend that any business seeking an objective, and creative, assessment about how to refine their current brand and marketing give Brenits Creative a call.”

Sabine Lenz: Owner, PaperSpecs

“The product was an outstanding reflection of the company, which is entirely to the credit of Andy’s attention and creativity.”

Craig Lipset: President, Critical Path Imaging

“I’ve been working with agency, in-house and freelance designers for over 35 years. Andy Brenits is a rarity in a number of ways. Few designers/art directors have his deep understanding of marketing; few are as literate and articulate.”

Lee Marc Stein: President, Lee Marc Stein, Ltd.

“My experience with Brenits Creative has been fantastic! I wish I would have contacted them back when I first started my company.” 

Eric Bailey:
Owner, Cyclone Shipping

“Our organization of nearly 1,000 members is now better-positioned for the future, thanks to our partnership with Brenits Creative.”

Tricia Ginis
Executive Director, ECE-RJ