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Your Brand Needs a Purpose

Brand vision, mission, values, and positioning all radiate from the core of purpose which acts as “true north” for a brand.

How To Name Your Brand

To remind us that names have only as much power as we give them, Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, says (and I'm paraphrasing) "would not a rose by any other name, smell just as sweet"?  Um, no. Shakespeare obviously didn't have to worry about branding. Naming...

The Difference Between Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Your website isn’t converting. The social media advertising doesn’t bring in as many leads as you hoped. The direct mail campaign was a waste of paper. Your emails don’t get opened. And none of it is bringing in any new business. Sounds familiar right?

Goalsetting With A Vivid Vision Document

Most business owners have an idea of what they want their company to look like. However, their employees can’t necessarily see that same vision for what the future can be. If you are struggling with writing a clear mission statement and vision statement, then you should try to write a Vivid Vision first.

Choosing The Right Logo For Your Business

A logo is a powerful visual representation of your company. It forms an impression that should be memorable, unique, and positive. An effective logo is the start of a successful corporate identity. Your company can be as up to date in its services and products as you...

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Brand Marketing Is Like Planting Trees

Brand Marketing Is Like Planting Trees

Think about marketing as planting trees. The trees of brand marketing you plant today will guarantee business growth tomorrow. What you are communicating today is to help potential customers make the buy decision in the future when they need what you are offering.

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The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix

Even after 40 years (or 60 in the case of the original P’s), the Marketing Mix is still very much applicable to a marketer’s day to day work. A good marketer will learn to adapt the theory to fit modern times and their own business model.

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