You’ve tried marketing, but it doesn’t always work, and you don’t have the time to manage it yourself anymore.

If you’re like many businesses, you’ve invested time and money in marketing that isn’t working. You have a website, tried some direct mail, and even got sold on Google and social media ads.

But none of it worked. And you’re trying to figure out why.

You still rely heavily on referrals. That worked well for a long time, but it’s not working like it used to, and you’re feeling uneasy about the long-term health of your sales pipeline.

You’ve tried to improve your business development situation with money — buying promising technology, and hiring sales staff, either externally or in-house. Those efforts didn’t yield what you had hoped.

You believe in your business. You know you’re great at what you do. You’re confident you can close the right business, but you need more opportunities to close and are at a loss as to how to get them.

We know why you’re where you are and how to get where you want to be.

You need a unique brand position to consistently set yourself apart from the competition across all marketing and communications materials.

We understand why you made the previous marketing decisions you did and why they didn’t work. We’d love to talk with you about all of that, regardless of whether or not we ultimately end up working together.

Let’s talk. Schedule a free consultation.

What’s the problem?

Talking about your business isn’t effortless.

You don’t get as many referrals anymore.

Your clients aren’t coming back.

You look and sound like your competitors.

Sales are getting tougher to close.

Your team lacks as much passion as you do.

You don’t know what else to try.

If any of these statements sound familiar, let us help you turn things around.

"We look behind the times."

You've got a great business with awesome services, but your visual image is outdated and stale.

"I don't have the time."

Managing your brand and marketing is taking up too much time, and you need an expert to help manage it.

"We need to raise capital."

You're seeking funding and a campaign needs to be developed to raise capital.

"We made something new."

You've developed a new product (or service) and it needs a name and visual identity.

"My brand is stale."

Your logo is dated, positioning is unclear, and things look and feel inconsistent.

"I'm losing out on new business."

You're marketing isn’t working anymore to attract new customers.

"Customers don't really know us."

Your brand does not position you as being better than your competition.

"We're the new kids on the block."

You need to send a strong signal to the world that you're the new industry leader.

"I don't know what to try next."

You're plum out of ideas for what to do to bring new business in the door.

About Us

We’re a business-focused creative firm, specializing in rebranding growing services-based businesses that have shifted their purpose, outgrown their old visual identity, or just don’t know what to do next.

Strong branding has so many positive outcomes, including happy clients.

“I would recommend that any business seeking an objective, and creative, assessment about how to refine their current brand and marketing give Brenits Creative a call.”

Sabine Lenz: Owner, PaperSpecs

“The product was an outstanding reflection of the company, which is entirely to the credit of Andy’s attention and creativity.”

Craig Lipset: President, Critical Path Imaging

“I’ve been working with agency, in-house and freelance designers for over 35 years. Andy Brenits is a rarity in a number of ways. Few designers/art directors have his deep understanding of marketing; few are as literate and articulate.”

Lee Marc Stein: President, Lee Marc Stein, Ltd.

“My experience with Brenits Creative has been fantastic! I wish I would have contacted them back when I first started my company.” 

Eric Bailey:
Owner, Cyclone Shipping

“Our organization of nearly 1,000 members is now better-positioned for the future, thanks to our partnership with Brenits Creative.”

Tricia Ginis
Executive Director, ECE-RJ