A business-focused creative firm, specializing in rebranding growing businesses that have shifted their purpose, or outgrown their old visual identity.

We focus on comprehensive branding, marketing, and design services tailored to small (but growing) businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs doing it themselves.

We Apply Strategic Thinking To Creative Insight.

Our philosophy is simple: design without strategy is just art.

With a blend of business acumen and creative insight, our approach is strategic, creative, and holistic.

We help you understand and implement your brand.

We discover your “It” factor to help you connect with customers and clients, plan your future, and build a business that is profitable and referable. 

Brenits Creative helps consultants, entrepreneurs, and organizations develop and maintain a consistent way to look, communicate and act.

We help businesses create emotional connections by blending business acumen, strategic planning, and creativity.

All of our solutions are designed to meet specific business objectives like entering new markets, generating new leads, increasing sales, or achieving higher profit margins.

Founded and led by Andy Brenits, who led in-house creative teams at Fortune 500 brands such as Banana Republic, The Gap, National Football League, KPMG, and Arizona Public Service.

Brenits Creative has helped companies in a variety of industries including technology, medical, energy, retail and financial services with positioning, branding, design, and creative problem-solving.

Our Driving Principles.

have a "big Idea."

Anyone can be taught to execute, but being able to brainstorm and develop new ideas is key to bringing value to a business.

a logo is not a brand.

A logo visually represents your brand. A brand is the essence of who you are and your reputation.

Goals first, strategy next, then tactics.

You can never spend too much time developing goals and strategy.

Design is everything.

From products and marketing to processes and operations, Design has a hand in it all.

Listen up.

Ask questions to get a deep understanding of issues, and listen as intently for the answers you don’t get as much as the ones you do get.

Resources are key.

People, money, and information are all you have. Manage (things) wisely and lead (people) with courage.

Great solutions take partnership.

Unique answers to tough challenges can only come from healthy relationships and collaborative work.

Have a sense of humor.

About everything.