We’re branding and creative strategy experts who want to see you grow.

We are experts in creating referable and consistent brands that attract new clients like a moth to a flame. That takes ideas, know-how, and lots of hard work. But for us, it’s fun.


ABout Brenits Creative

Who are we?

Brenits Creative is a branding and marketing consultancy that specializes in building consistent, referable brands that are irresistible to its target audience.

We focus on brand positioning, messaging strategy, naming, visual identity, and brand marketing for one- to fifteen-person professional services businesses in the health, medical, finance, and non-profit sectors.

We help entrepreneurs and business owners compete with big brands by creating a consistent way to look, communicate, and act.

At Brenits Creative, we are thinkers, creators, and storytellers—versatile and nimble in everything we do, dedicated to helping you grow and achieve wild success. We believe that the quality of your brand is a reflection of the quality of your business.

Design without strategy is just art.

What We’re About

We’re Not An Ad Agency. We’re Your Brand-Building Partner.

We want to be your branding and creative partner, not your marketing agency. There is a difference.

An ad agency is nothing more than a building full of account managers, most of whom don’t understand brand-building, let alone work on your business, and all of whom you end up paying for one way or another. 

At its core, Brenits Creative is Andy Brenits: a brand strategist, speaker, and Columbia professor who combines his expertise in branding, creativity, leadership, and design to help build brands. Andy’s experience includes leading brand and creative at Gap, Banana Republic, The NFL, and APS and consulting with clients across several industries in the U.S. and internationally for nearly 30 years. Does that mean you get less thinking, creativity, or service?

Actually, it means you get more. We’ll become an extension of your company, partnering with you to build your brand and delivering creative ideas all the time, not just when we have a project to work on.

And when needed, we’ll select just the right people to assist with projects from the dozens of relationships Andy has developed over 25+ years as a creative and branding leader. You’re not stuck with the people an ad agency has on staff, regardless of their suitability for the job. And you’ll pay only for the people you need when you need them. 

Andy has built working relationships and friendships with worldwide experts covering the gamut of branding and marketing: art direction, design, social media, digital, public relations, experiential marketing, research, analytics, and media planning. 

Some of these experts used to work with Andy when he was the in-house creative director of big brands like Gap, Banana Republic, NFL, APS, and KPMG. Others are people he’s always wanted to work with.

So when you work with us, you benefit from the unique abilities of everyone in our creative expert network.

What We’re About

Our Driving Principles

Goals first, strategy next, then tactics.

You can never spend too much time developing goals and strategy.

a logo is not a brand.

A logo visually represents your brand. A brand is the essence of who you are and your reputation.

Listen up.

Ask questions to get a deep understanding of issues, and listen as intently for the answers you don’t get as much as the ones you do get.

have a "big Idea."

Anyone can be taught to execute, but being able to brainstorm and develop new ideas is key to bringing value to a business.

Great solutions take partnership.

Unique answers to tough challenges can only come from healthy relationships and collaborative work.

Have a sense of humor.

About everything.

Resources are key.

People, money, and information are all you have. Manage (things) wisely and lead (people) with courage.

Design is everything.

From products and marketing to processes and operations, Design has a hand in it all.


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