Trans City Property Management

Modernizing a Dated Logo and Marketing

Scope of Work: Brand Identity. Logo Design. Graphic Standards Guide.

TransCity Property Management, a residential rental property management company based in the Phoenix Valley, wanted a new logo because its original design was dated.

Instead of designing a completely new brand identity, we decided that an updated design with a more modern look would better suit their goals. Specifically, we revised the mark with a more geometric and symmetrical design.

The updated design also hints at the income potential of rental properties with upward-pointing arrows. To complement the updated houses mark, we set the company’s name in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface.

Overall, we’re pleased with the refreshed logo design and believe it successfully captures the essence of TransCity Property Management’s modern business.

Office Door Signage

Primary Logo

Alternate Logo

App & Social Icons, Mono Marks

Logo Before and After

Business Cards

Printed Tr-Fold Brochure

Graphic Standards Guide

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