Community Choice Pediatrics

From confusion to clarity: Unifying three pediatric practices into a single brand

Scope of Work: Brand Positioning. Brand Identity. Name Development. Domain Name Research. Trademark Research. Marketing Strategy. Website Design.

The Challenge: Create a unifying brand for three separate pediatrics practices.

Lee’s Summit Group Pediatrics, Raintree Pediatrics, and Blue Springs Pediatrics operated as a group with distinct names and visual identities. Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO, approached the group to become an affiliate, which would enhance its credibility in a crowded market of dozens of pediatrics practices. 

However, our client was concerned that Summit Pediatrics, another practice already affiliated with the hospital, could confuse the public. To add to the confusion, Summit Pediatrics had a domain name of which was similar to the practice name of one of our client’s offices., Lee’s Summit Group Pediatrics.

Furthermore, our client’s website was home to the three pediatrics offices and an adult internal medicine group called Lees Summit Physicians. Each of the four offices had its own logos and color schemes. Clearly, the branding could have been clearer. 

Community Choice Pediatrics Case Study Website
Community Choice Pediatrics case study Brenits Creative
Community Choice Pediatrics Case Study Appointment Cards

The Ah-ha Moment: Please welcome to the family Community Choice Pediatrics.

The solution was to separate the internal medicine and pediatrics groups and create a new unified pediatrics brand.

After a thorough brand positioning and values development process, Brenits Creative curated and facilitated multiple rounds of naming choices. The team focused on names that emphasized community, reflecting how the practice serves the local area and surrounding neighborhoods and how the medical practitioners work together to care for their patients.

We developed names embodying collaboration and neighborhood to capture that sense of “it takes a village…”. The winning result was “Community Choice Pediatrics. Healthier together.”, a name and tagline that resonates with public trust, family, services, and collaboration.

The new name and visual identity amplified the affiliation with Children’s Mercy Hospital, positioning the practice as the best place for pediatric medical care for the whole family. A crystal-clear name is often the key to success in business rebranding.

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