Knox Promos

A Seamless Brand Transition for Knox Promos

Scope of Work: Brand Positioning, Brand Identity. Logo Design. Website Design. Communications Strategy.

We worked with Knox Promos, a new offshoot company of Surf & Ski screen printing, to create a unique brand for their specialty corporate promotional products. The client’s objective was establishing a brand that would stand out in a crowded corporate gifts and promotions marketplace.


Brand Positioning Strategy and Visual Branding Elements

To begin, we developed a brand positioning strategy for Knox. This involved thoroughly researching their target audience, industry trends, and the brand’s unique selling points.

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Once the brand positioning was established, we created the visual branding elements. A distinctive logo was designed that reflected the brand’s personality and values, along with graphic standards that ensured consistency across all marketing collateral.

Marketing Collateral And Brand Transition Communications Strategy

To showcase Knox Promos’ products and services, we designed a modern and user-friendly website that provided a seamless browsing experience for customers. Visually appealing business cards and email marketing campaigns were also created to help the brand connect with its target audience personas.

Finally, we developed a comprehensive brand transition communications strategy to ensure a smooth transition from Surf & Ski screen printing to Knox Promos. This included creating a clear messaging plan and communicating with existing clients to introduce the new brand.

Meeting the Client’s Objective

Overall, the client was thrilled with the results of the project. We delivered a unique and compelling brand for Knox Promos that sets them apart from their competitors and positions them for success.

Brenits Creative Knox Promos Case Study

Primary Logo

Alternate Logo

2-Color logos and Mono Marks

Brenits Creative Knox Promos Case Study


Brenits Creative Knox Website

Business Cards

Brentis Creative QC Chamber Business Cards

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