Early Childhood Educators of reform Judaism

New Messaging and Marketing Bring Energy, Excitement to Non-Profit

Scope of Work: Brand Positioning. Messaging Strategy. Visual Identity. Marketing Strategy. Print and Digital Marketing. 

Membership-based association strengthens its brand with new messaging and content tailored to its distinct audiences.

The Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism, a Phoenix-based membership organization for Jewish early childhood educational communities, needed to more effectively communicate its mission and vision to three distinct audiences.

Brenits Creative partnered with the non-profit to rework its branding, redefine messaging, reinvent a flagship publication and strengthen ongoing marketing and event communications.


One Brand, One Mission, Three Audiences

The Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism (ECE-RJ), founded in 2004, is an organization powered by its mission to provide resources and education to directors, teachers and stakeholders of early education programs connected to Jewish organizations.

When we first met with the organization, ECE-RJ’s initial interest was to update its branding and messaging, in hopes the nonprofit would attract and retain more members and strengthen Jewish leadership support.

At Brenits Creative, we have deep experience working with membership organizations. We were excited to partner with ECE-RJ and Tricia Ginis, its executive director, because we could bring our knowledge and appreciation of membership marketing and communications to help better position the organization for its future.

Branding Workshop Sets Framework for the Future

We kicked off our partnership with a branding workshop, an intensive day-long session that established a framework for identifying critical positioning and messaging work.

One of the areas we talked about early on was ECE-RJ’s logo, which we learned they didn’t want to change. We knew there was an opportunity to better optimize its usage, however, so we developed graphic standards for how to use the logo more consistently across communication and marketing materials.

Another area we identified in the foundational work was the need for a new positioning statement that would clarify and more effectively communicate ECE-RJ’s mission, vision and values. Equally important: We needed the messaging to tell the non-profit’s story in a way that resonated with three distinct audiences.

Different Audiences, Shared Focus

ECE-RJ supports three audiences: directors and teachers at Jewish preschools, school leadership and the staff and congregants of temples and synagogues.

The branding work we would develop needed to take these distinctions into account, supported by segmented messaging designed to appeal to each audience.

Brenits Creative began our work on key messages and a marketing plan that would distribute the new audience-focused voice and content through and outside the organization.

One of the key content marketing tools we took advantage of was ECE-RJ’s Unite publication, a long-standing, monthly newsletter for members, Jewish leadership and prospective members. 

Though it already played a key role in the organization’s outreach, Unite was a lengthy and dated-looking publication that didn’t feature enough content for (or written by) ECE-RJ’s three audiences.

We championed the idea of creating new content to address the interests and ideas that would resonate with teachers, directors and Jewish congregations.

Over the process of several months, the editorial shift in direction became visible and tangible. It was welcomed by the Unite staff, as it caused them to think differently and more holistically about the type of content they published. The reinvigoration of ECE-RJ’s flagship publication was rewarding for our team, too.

Going forward, each Unite now features articles from ECE-RJ, Jewish leadership and its members, while continuing to offer resources, education and news, including information on the organization’s annual conferences and events.

“Our leadership knew it was time to look outside the organization for help achieving our growth and communication goals. We met with Andy Brenits and knew … this was the outsider’s perspectives we’d been looking for.”
– Tricia Ginis, Executive Director, ECE-RJ

Event Marketing and Follow-on Work

ECE-RJ produces two annual events, alternating the conferences every other year. Each require their own consistent branding and messaging. Brenits Creative partners with the non-profit to design and write event marketing materials and plays an objective role in making sure each event’s objectives are met.

One exciting outcome from the event marketing work is the development of a new website for the annual Kallah event. It showcases ECE-RJ’s focus on a conference that addresses the needs and concerns of its member teachers, directors, lay-leaders and other early childhood program supporters.

“Our organization of nearly 1,000 members is now better-positioned for the future, thanks to our partnership with Brenits Creative.”

– Tricia Ginis, Executive Director, ECE-RJ


The Key Takeaway

Today, ECE-RJ utilizes more consistent branding across its many member and public touchpoints. It’s strengthened its focus on meeting the needs of three important and distinct audiences. ECE-RJ now has the marketing and communications tools it needs to expand its membership base and attract the awareness and support of Jewish leadership.

Brenits Creative continues to work with ECE-RJ, developing content for member communications, surveying members and monitoring community forums, managing event communications and playing a continued marketing support role for this vibrant, mission-focused organization.

Andy encouraged us to get input from members and board members, and their connection to the process became invaluable.” 

– Tricia Ginis, Executive Director, ECE-RJ

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