If you need fresh problem solving, creative thinking, insight, and objectivity, then IdeaStorming will help you develop, refine, and clarify strategies that will grow your brand.

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IdeaStorming Sessions

IdeaStorming services are offered in two formats: 

Pick-my-Brain Sessions and IdeaStorming problem-solving workshops.

Take advantage of my 25+ years of creative leadership and problem-solving experience.

Pick My Brain  

These hourly brainstorming sessions are perfect for business owners who aren’t ready for a big branding project, or who just want access to my specific insights on branding, marketing, and strategic development.

These short IdeaStorming sessions will give you fresh problem solving, creative thinking, and actionable tactics, that will help you grow your business. And we’ll do it in just an hour or twoSome people take that and run with it. Others want to keep going and brainstorm more ideas, such as bi-weekly or monthly sessions. It’s up to you, and your specific needs. 

IdeaStorming problem-solving workshops

This process is the best way I have found to deliver value to a business struggling with brand awareness, marketing, reputation management, or even determining what new products or services to offer.

These are half-day or full-day problem-solving workshops where we’ll do a deep-dive into your creative challenges.

We’ll connect over two 90-minute phone calls in addition to a 4-hour or 8-hour brainstorming workshop. After the session, you’ll receive an extensive document with actionable strategies and tactics. 

You can run all kinds of ideas by Andy.

Ask him to review anything – ANYTHING – and he’ll put his thinking cap on, one-on-one with you.

How it works

If IdeaStorming sounds like it is something you need, then let’s have a short call first. At the end of an initial consultation, we’ll have a better idea about your challenges and how we can help with either a pick-my-brain session or IdeaStorming workshop.

If either of these solutions sounds like it would help, then take advantage of a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit for working together.