Free Worksheet

Running your brand through a series of quick assessment questions can expose brand blind spots and get more focus—in about fifteen minutes.

Here are 4 suggestions for leveraging the power of this Brand Checkup:

1. Jumpstart A Re-Brand. Not sure if you need to re-brand? Are you and your team not on the same page? Try bringing them through The Brand Checkup. Discuss it at the next meeting. How does everyone score your company? The Brand Checkup is one way to help you find some consensus about moving forward brand-wise.

2. Think About A New Brand. Starting a company? The Brand Checkup can help you start thinking now about key fundamental areas that strong brands are built on. Note of caution: It’s dangerous to wait until later to seriously start thinking about your brand.

3. Daily Power Focus. Try the Brand Checkup with your coffee once or twice a month. No need to score if you use it this way. It takes under fifteen minutes, and it will help you keep your brand focused on a daily basis. Ten to fifteen minutes of daily brand mindfulness goes a long way.

4. Prelude To An Extensive Brand Audit. The Brand Checkup can serve as a foundational jumping point into a comprehensive brand audit. If you’re interested in an extensive brand audit, let us know. We’re here to help.