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Identifying Your Brand Culture
Brand culture is the culture that a company cultivates in order to powerfully, consistently and competitively deliver its brand to market. It’s how people work together to bring the brand alive for customers. But brand cultures are more than an expression of the brand itself; they are, by necessity, an expression of the people who work for that brand and the decisions and ways of working and behaving that they agree to work within.
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Beyond Logos: Exploring the Intangible Side of Branding

Beyond Logos: Exploring the Intangible Side of Branding

A company’s identity extends beyond its visual representation, known as corporate identity, which contributes to brand recognition but represents only a fraction of the overall brand. The true essence of a brand lies in its intangible qualities.

Download our 15-Minute Brand Checkup.

Download our 15-Minute Brand Checkup.

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Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to rebrand, this 15-minute brand checkup can help you identify areas of improvement and provide a solid foundation for building a strong brand.

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