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The Problem with WordPress Plugins

When you log in to your WordPress website’s backend, you’ll notice on the left side lots of tabs and tools that you can use. These tools are used to create content and manage other website functions, including users, media, and security. Some of these tabs are built...

Saving Images

The image guide is intended to help you create small-sized image files, that are named in an SEO friendly manner. Not following the guidelines may mean your website becomes bloated, loads slowly (especially for mobile users) and does not get the best indexing on...

Rename Images for SEO

Naming images correctly also makes it much easier to find specific images when searching within the WordPress library. For good SEO images should be named in the following way: Rename all images names using the guide below Do not use images with random...

Download our 15-Minute Brand Checkup.

Download our 15-Minute Brand Checkup.

By answering a few quick questions, you can uncover hidden blind spots and identify areas where your brand might lack focus.

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to rebrand, this 15-minute brand checkup can help you identify areas of improvement and provide a solid foundation for building a strong brand.

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