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How I Killed (and Fixed) My Email Campaigns

It took just ten minutes to update my DNS settings, and almost two weeks to fix the problem I created. This article is a cautionary tale of letting better get in the way of good enough.

Don’t Stop Marketing

Rather than stopping all of your marketing, consider instead changing your strategy. Instead of selling, inform. Instead of daily email blasts, send emails weekly (or monthly). Instead of doing the same thing you’ve always done, pivot to something different. Here are some specific ideas for this difficult time.

We’re all working from home now.

Since so many people are working from now, and Brenits Creative is a 100% remote-work team, I wanted to share the four things that I have been doing consistently for 20 years.

Career Advice and More

I was interviewed by Melissa Mazzoleni for HOW recently about leading in-house teams, and how in-house creatives can get their careers moving forward. Below is an excerpt, and link to the original article. "...Managing a design business – or any business – just isn’t...

Program Director, 2015 HOW Conference

I've been selected to be the co-program director for the 2015 HOW Design conference, In-House Managers program. With friend and colleague Ed Roberts, we'll be working with the directors of the other programs to develop a strong topic and speaker list.

Big Change for In-House Designers

I was  interviewed by Bryn Mooth for HOW magazine about how In-House is changing. Below is an excerpt, and link to the original article. "...The in-house industry is maturing on a couple of different fronts. One, we’re seeing (especially now that the economy is...

4 Tips for Managing and Leading Creative Teams

4 Tips for Managing and Leading Creative Teams

I've had all kinds of bosses during the last twenty years. Some were great, while others...not so much. As my career progressed and I decided that I wanted to get into management, I naturally thought to myself "When I get there, I'm going to do it better." Sound...

5 In-Source Presidents Get Together

The 5 past and present InSource Presidents recently got together to talk about their experiences leading InSource, and reminisce about how they came to join the organization. The two-hour conversation lead to brainstorming, and reminiscing, and will be the topic of an...

Creative Start-up, Part 12: Failure is an Option

Creative Start-up, Part 12: Failure is an Option

In-House Business Startup Journal Part 12 No, the title is not a mistake. Sometimes, you have to let things fail. I have started and lead 3 creative businesses in my career; 2 in-house, and 1 agency.  I have also be part of a few business re-organizations in both...