Where you work matters: 4 Ways To Increase Productivity

Being a business owner is challenging but it has some perks, like being able to work almost anywhere. Many of us work out of home offices, which in theory is great, until you realize the reason you’re working without pants is because you’ve gotten complacent with your work environment and pretty soon you realize you need another cup of coffee and some sunshine. So you grind up some that special Sumatra/Kona blend you picked up the other day, and dip your toes in the pool while thinking about the work you should be doing after you finish that 4th cup of the morning.

Thats just a metaphor for being unproductive of course, and not reflective of my day at all. Or maybe thats exactly how some mornings go for me.

Working at home isn’t a good option for everyone. It’s a slippery slope if you’re not careful. Luckily, with evolving technology like tablets, laptops, and more, we have the freedom to work virtually anywhere. If you’re finding yourself getting distracted at home, it’s time to take a look at your options for work environments

1. Revamp your home office

Clear off your desk, get rid of some clutter, and bring in some plants! Make an effort to make sure your office is somewhere you actually want to spend lots of time. You don’t have to spend lots of time on making your office perfect, but keeping everything neat and pleasant does wonders.

2. Get an office

If you’re coming out of a corporate gig, it’s easy to cringe at this one, but the fact is that we’re more productive if we have a place we can go that we associate with the act of being productive. Essentially, if you have a place where you know work happens, more of it is likely to happen.

3. Go to a coffee shop

Find a spot, stake it out, and let the manager know you’re setting up shop and just became a regular. They’ll love you for it, especially if it’s a smaller, local shop.

Bonus: This is a great way to find new clients, too.

4. Find co-working space

There’s something to be said about working around other people. Not necessarily working with them, but there’s a little magic that happens working around people who want their dream as badly as you want yours.

Getting out of your head and talking out ideas or a problem that’s had you in a bind is the best way to start making progress again. Great connections lead to great ideas, and knowing you have in-person support when you need it is relieving.

They say you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. I think you can say the same for places. Where do you spend your time? And how’s that working out for you?

Find a new spot, and rejuvenate your creative process.

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